To use the EpsonCGL Poster Printer (Epson Stylus Pro 9890):
  1. Adjust the color setup of your photoshop document
    1. Use RGB (not tested CMYK) but with commandY, ensure that your RGB colors are within the CMYK gamut
    2. Edit/ConvertToProfile:
      1. Epson Stylus Pro 9890_99... PremiumLusterPhotoPaper(260)
      2. Leave other settings at defaults
      3. Click [OK]
  2. Adjust the print settings:
    1. From Photoshop select [Print] and set buttons and dropdown menus as follows:
      1. EpsonCGL Poster Printer
      2. Copies = 1
      3. [portrait] (button of vertical man on the left)
    2. Click [PrintSettings]
      1. Papersize:
        1. Custom and set to your desired print width and height, for non-printable area select EpsonCGL Poster Printer which should put zeros in the four boxes
      2. PrintSettings/PrinterSettings Basic tab:
        1. Page Setup = Roll Paper-Banner
        2. Media type: Premium Luster Photo Paper (260)
        3. Resolution: SuperPhoto 1440dpi, [√]Super MicroWeave, [√]High Speed
        4. Leave advanced tab at defaults
      3. RollPaperSettings: 
        1. Auto Cut Settings: NormalCut 
        2. Leave the rest as defaults
      4. Click [Save]
    3. Leave centered, unscaled, and no bounding box
    4. Click [Print] to print or click [Done] to save for later and to save these settings permanently when you next save your photoshop document.